Nigerian Goat Info

About Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

Nigerian Dwarf Goats originated in West Africa, and it is believed that they were first imported into the United States to serve as big cat food. Apparently, some wise people recognized their potential beyond dinner! Now Nigerians are an extremely popular little goat for milk production, showing and pets.

With adults standing generally no more than 23 1/2" at the shoulder for bucks and 22 1/2" for does, Nigerian Dwarfs are the smallest of all the dairy goat breeds. The American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) breed standard is does and bucks should at least be 17" tall. While there is no weight requirement, the average weight is around 75lbs. Their small size makes them adorable pets and practical homestead dairy animals since they are easy to care for, handle, and accommodate.

Nigerian Dwarfs have the highest milk butterfat content of any other breed of dairy goats or cattle. Their milk is sweet and creamy, free of the unappealing "goaty" flavor people often associate with goat's milk. The high butterfat content also makes it ideal for making cheese or butter. A good Nigerian doe can produce around a half gallon of milk a day.

Nigerian Dwarfs are friendly, cute, and intelligent. They can be trained like a dog (even house trained). They come in a huge selection of colors and patterns and are the only registry-recognized dairy breed in which some individuals have blue eyes.

Nigerians can be bred year round and are known for large litters. Does typically give birth to two to four kids at a time, sometimes more!

Oh, and it's common knowledge that Nigerian Dwarf Goats are addictive, so be careful....You'll forget about being careful a few goats down the road...but you'll LOVE THEM!!