Rock n Rose Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Hobby Farm

Located in Oakdale - Not open to the public

We are a small hobby farm raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats with the goal of improving body structure and milk production per ADGA standards. 

Rock N Rose Farm is an ADGA member. 

We love our goats, all being bottle babies which has made them very social and friendly. Their antics crack us up and their love of attention never fails to have them lined up for scratches and hugs. 

This year, 2023, we opted to leave the kids with their mom's, trying something different due to lifestyle changes. We are extremely please by the moms instincts and their care of their kids. The kids are all friendly and curious and we play with them daily, often multiple times throughout the day. We are pleased by our does udders and their capacity thus far and look forward to monitoring their progress with their kids who have already exceeded growth compared to our bottle babies of the past 3 years. We are looking forward to milking our does again once our kids are of weaning age. We have 2 does freshening for the first time, one having kidded last month with triplets, another set of triplets this month and we even had our first set of quads!!! 

This year has so far been a GREAT start! Looking forward to seeing what our last doe brings us!

Our herd is CL/CAE/Johne's disease negative as of January 2023